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Map Library Foreign Topographic Map Set Holdings

About 500 TOPOGRAPHIC map sets provide detailed coverage for much of the world at scales from 1:50,000 to 1:1,000,000. This includes comprehensive coverage for Canada, excellent coverage for the United States and western Europe, and less complete coverage for Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Australasia.

The majority of the foreign topographic map series have been put in storage, and retrievals are made from Monday to Friday at 11:00 a.m. The following topographic map series are kept on the 5th floor and filed at the beginning of all other maps for that region.

A Note on Canadian Topographic Maps

Canada 1:25 000, 1:50 000, 1:250 000, and smaller scales (all current sheets are held in the map library, superseded items are in storage) Ontario Base Map 1:10 000-1:20 000, and Ontario 1:100 000 and other series maps from other provinces are held in the map library

Foreign Topographic Maps:

GeographyCall NumberScaleLocation Index
1Addu Atoll9217s M3A3 10 19701:10,000storage view index
2Aden7553s 10 1958-1:10,000storage view index
3Afghanistan7630s 250 1960-1:250,000storage view index
4Africa8200s 1000 [1901-07]1:1,000,000storage view index
5Africa8200s 1000 1942-1:1,000,000storage view index
6Africa8200s 2000 1949-1:2,000,000storage view index
7Africa, North8220s 500 1961-1:500,000storage view index
8Algeria8240s 50 1938-1:50,000storage view index
9Antarctica9802s B7 250 1973-1:250,000storage view index
10Antarctica9802s B7 500 1959-1:500,000storage view index
11Antarctica9802s B7 200 1968-1:200,000storage view index
12Antarctica9800s 50 1975- [no index]1:50,000storage view index
13Antarctica9802s A9 250 1962- [no index]1:250,000storage view index
14Antartica9800s 500 1963-U1:500,000storage view index
15Arabian Peninsula7520s 500 1956-1:500,000storage view index
16Argentina5350s 50 1949-1:50,000storage view index
17Argentina5350s 100 1929-1:100,000storage view index
18Argentina5350s 250 1952-1:250,000storage view index
19Argentina5350s 500 1927-1:500,000storage view index
20Australia8960s 100 1964-1:100,000storage view index
21Australia8960s 250 1958-1:250,000storage view index
22Australia8960s 250 1975-1:250,000storage view index
23Austria-Hungary6030s 75 [1873]-1:75,000microfiche cabinet 5th fl. view index
24Austria-Hungary6030s 75 [1876]-1:75,000storage view index
25Austria-Hungary6490s 50 1946-1:50,000storage view index
26Bahamas4980s 50 1963-1:50,000storage view index
27Barbados5140s 10 19861:10,000storage view index
28Barbuda5032s B3 10 1970-1:10,000storage view index
29Belgium6010s 50 1952-1:50,000storage view index
30Belgium6010s 20 2001-1:20,000storage view index
31Belgium6010s 100 1942-451:100,000storage view index
32Belize4820s 50 1965-1:50,000storage view index
33Bermuda9120s 10 19651:10,540storage view index
34Bimini Is.4982s B5 10 1968-1:10,000storage view index
35Bolivia5320s 50 1968-1:50,000storage view index
36Bolivia5320s 250 1966-1:250,000storage view index
37Borneo8100s 200 1964-1:200,000storage view index
38Botswana8600s 50 1967-1:50,000storage view index
39Botswana8600s 100 1981-1:100,000storage view index
40Botswana8600s 125 1955-1:125,000storage view index
41Botswana8600s 250 1976- [sample sheet]1:250,000storage view index
42Botswana8600s 500 1965-1:500,000storage view index
43Brazil5400s 50 1962-1:50,000storage view index
44Brazil5400s 100 [193-?-1:100,000storage view index
45Brazil5400s 100 1965-1:100,000storage view index
46Brazil5400s 250 1949-1:250,000storage view index
47Brazil5400s 500 1944-1:500,000storage view index
48Brazil5400s 1000 1944-1:1,000,000storage view index
49Brazil, South5600s 50 1965-1:50,000storage view index
50Burma7820s 250 1951-1:250,000storage view index
51Cayman Islands4962 C3 25 19651:25,0005th floor view index
52Chad8720s 200 1973-1:200,000storage view index
53Chile5330s 50 [1966]-1:50,000storage view index
54Chile5330s 100 19591:100,000storage view index
55Chile5330s 500 1971-1:500,000storage view index
56China-Turkistan7880s 500 1900-19151:500,000storage view index
57Columbia5290s 100 1948-1:100,000storage view index
58Costa Rica4860s 50 1955-1:50,000storage view index
59Curacao5180s 25 1962-1:25,000storage view index
60Cyprus7450s 25 1960-1:25,000storage view index
61Cyprus7450s 50 1973-1:50,000storage view index
62Cyprus7450s 50 1964-1:50,000storage view index
63Cyrenica8260s 100 1941-1:100,000storage view index
64Denmark6920s 20 1901-1:20,000storage view index
65Denmark6920s 25 1958-1:25,000storage view index
66Denmark6920s 40 1870-1:40,000storage view index
67Denmark6920s 50 1959-1:50,000storage view index
68Denmark6920s 100 1919-1:100,000storage view index
69Denmark6920s 100 1950-1:100,000storage view index
70Djibouti8362s D5 20 19451:20,000storage view index
71Eastern Europe6965s 250 1954-1:250,000storage view index
72Ecuador5300s 50 1961-1:50,000storage view index
73Egypt8300s 50 1957-1:50,000storage view index
74Egypt8300s 100 1941-1:100,000storage view index
75Egypt & Cyrenica8300s 250 [194-]1:250,000storage view index
76England5740s 25 1964-1:25,0005th floor view index
77England5740s 50 1972-1:50,0005th floor view index
78England & Wales5750s 10 1896-1:10,000storage view index
79England & Wales5750s 63 1885-19141:63,360microfiche cabinet 5th fl. view index
80England & Wales5750s 253 1940-1:253,440storage view index
81England & Wales5750s 10 [1943?][sample sheets}1:10,560storage view index
82England & Wales5750s 63 1805-18741:63,360storage view index
83England & Wales5750s 63 1918-19261:63,360storage view index
84England & Wales5750s 63 1931-1:63,360storage view index
85England & Wales5750s 63 [1932?][sample sheet]1:63,360storage view index
86England & Wales5750s 63 1947-521:63,360storage view index
87England & Wales5750s 126 1896-1902? [sample sheets]1:126,720storage view index
88England & Wales5750s 126 [1903-1:126,720storage view index
89England & Wales5750s 126 1912-19321:126,000storage view index
90England & Wales5750s 253 1920? [sample sheet]1:253,440storage view index
91England & Wales5750s 253 19431:253,440storage view index
92Europe5700s 500 1941-51:500,000storage view index
93Europe [sample]5700s 250 1936-1:250,000storage view index
94Europe, Central6030s 100 1943-1:100,000storage view index
95Europe, East6030s 200 1890-1:200,0005th floor view index
96Europe, East6030s 250 1944-1:250,0005th floor view index
97Europe, East6030s 300 1893?1:300,0005th floor view index
98Europe, Northwest5720s N65 250 1914-19171:250,000storage view index
99Europe, Northwest5720s N65 250 1941-451:250,000storage view index
100Falkland Islands9802s A6 500 195-1:500,000storage view index
101Finland6960s 400 1947-1:400,000storage view index
102Finland6960s 100 1940-1:100,000storage view index
103Formosa7910s 50 1944-19501:50,000storage view index
104France5830s 50 1922-1:50,0005th floor view index
105France5830s 86 1744-601:86,400storage view index
106France5830s 100 190-1:100,000storage view index
107France5830s 100 1942-1:100,000storage view index
108France5830s 200 1912-1:200,0005th floor view index
109France5830s 250 1940-451:250,000storage view index
110French West Africa8740s 200 1923-1:200,000storage view index
111Gambia8870s 25 1978-1:25,000storage view index
112Gambia8870s 50 1948-1:50,000storage view index
113Germany6080s 25 1877-1:25,000storage view index
114Germany6080s 50 1958-1:50,000storage view index
115Germany6080s 100 [186-]1:100,000microfiche cabinet 5th fl. view index
116Germany6080s 100 1915-1:100,000storage view index
117Germany6080s 100 1927-1:100,000storage view index
118Germany6080s 250 1944-1:250,000storage view index
119Ghana8850s 50 1952-1:50,000storage view index
120Ghana8850s 62 1922-1:62,500storage view index
121Ghana8850s 125 1907-1:125,000storage view index
122Ghana8850s 250 1920-1:250,000storage view index
123Giblert Is.9480s 25 1976- [no index]1:25,000storage view index
124Gilbert Is.9480s 10 1974- [no index]1:10,000storage view index
125Gilbert Islands9480s 12 1972-1:12,500storage view index
126Grand Bahama Island4982s G7 25 1962-1:25,000storage view index
127Greece & Albania6810s 100 1944-1:100,000storage view index
128Greece & Albania6810s 250 1943-1:250,000storage view index
129Greenland3380s 250 1933-1:250,0005th floor view index
130Grenadine Islands5130s 10 1967-1:10,000storage view index
131Guadeloupe5070s 50 1951-1:50,000storage view index
132Guatemala4810s 50 1960-1:50,000storage view index
133Guatemala4810s 250 1959-1:250,000storage view index
134Guyana5250s 50 1953-1:50,000storage view index
135Guyane, Francaise5270s 50 1945-1:50,000storage view index
136Guyane, Francaise5270s 200 1954-1:200,000storage view index
137Honduras4830s 50 1955-1:50,000storage view index
138Hong Kong7940s 20 19751:20,000storage view index
139Hong Kong7940s 25 19571:25,000storage view index
140Hungary6500s 200 19811:200,000storage view index
141Iberian Peninsula6540s 250 1941-1:250,000storage view index
142Iceland6930s 50 1904-1:50,000storage view index
143Iceland6930s 25 1988-1:25000storage view index
144Iceland6930s 100 1903-1:100,000storage view index
145India7640s 63 1904-1:63,360storage view index
146India7640s 126 1889?-1:126,720storage view index
147India7640s 500 1978-1:500,000storage view index
148Indonesia8070s 250 195-1:250,000storage view index
149Irandigital collection1:250,000Digital Collection view index
150IranDVD 1461:250,000DVD/CD Collection view index
151Iraq & Iran7610s 253 1940-1:253,4405th floor view index
152Ireland5780s 10 1833-1:10,000microfiche cabinet 5th fl. view index
153Ireland5780s 63 1902-1:63,360storage view index
154Ireland5780s 126 1955-1:126,000storage view index
155Ireland5780s 253 1904-1:253,440storage view index
156Ireland5780s 253 1948?-1:253,440storage view index
157Israel7500s 100 1959-1:100,000storage view index
158Italy6710s 25 1951-1:25,000storage view index
159Italy6710s 50 1965-1:50,000storage view index
160Italy6710s 100 1881-1:100,000storage view index
161Italy6710s 250 193-1:250,000storage view index
162Italy [Alpes]5832 A3 C22 25 20001:25,0005th floor view index
163Jamaica4960s 12 1970- [no index]1:12,500storage view index
164Jamaica4960s 25 1965- [no index]1:25,000storage view index
165Jamaica4960s 50 1952-1:50,000storage view index
166Jamaica4960s 50 1982-1:50,000storage view index
167Japanuncat1:10,000 & 1:50,000storage view index
168Japan7960s 218 1943-1:218,000storage view index
169Japan7960s 250 1956-1:250,000storage view index
170Japan, Central7980s 250 1943-1:250,000storage view index
171Java8090s 250 1924-1:250,000storage view index
172Java 8090s 250 1985-861:250,000storage view index
173Jordan7510s 50 1959-1:50,000storage view index
174Jordan, East7512s E2 63 19-1:63,360storage view index
175Kenya8410s 50 1953-1:50,000storage view index
176Kenya8410s 100 1968-1:100,000storage view index
177Kenya8410s 250 1955-1:250,000storage view index
178Korea7900s 50 1945-1:50,000storage view index
179Korea7900s 250 1950-1:250,000storage view index
180Kuril Islands7540s 50 1943-1:50,000storage view index
181Lake Chad8202s C5 50 1978-1:50,000storage view index
182Latin America3292s L3 250 1980-1:250,0005th floor view index
183Lebanon & Syria7460s 50 1928-501:50,000storage view index
184Lesotho8580s 50 1953-1:50,000storage view index
185Libya8260s 50 [1961-]1:50,000storage view index
186Loyalty Is.9350s 50 19561:50,000storage view index
187Luxembourg6020s 50 1954-1:50,000storage view index
188Malagasy8460s 500 1964-1:500,000storage view index
189Malawi8610s 50 1950-1:50,000storage view index
190Malaya8030s 63 1942-19451:63,360storage view index
191Malaya8030s 63 1955-1:63,360storage view index
192Malaya8030s 25 1955-1:25,0005th floor view index
193Malta6790s 2 1958-1:2,500storage view index
194Mariana Is.9410s 24 1968-1:24,000storage view index
195Mauritania8820s 200 1972-1:200,000storage view index
196Mauritius9185s 25 1952-1:25,000storage view index
197Mexico4410s 50 1970-Mexico1:50,000storage view index
198Mexico4410s 100 [197-?]-1:100,000storage view index
199Mexico4410s 250 1976-1:250,000storage view index
200Mexico4410s 500 1956-1:500,000storage view index
201Minais Gerais, Central Brazil5572s C3 25 19621:25,000storage view index
202Mongolia7840s 250 1955-1:250,000storage view index
203Morocco8230s 50 1924-1:50,000storage view index
204Mozambique8450s 500 1933-1:500,000storage view index
205Murmansk7063s M8 100 19421:100,000storage view index
206Netherlands6000s 25 1951-1:25,000storage view index
207Netherlands6000s 50 1850-641:50,000storage view index
208Netherlands6000s 50 19-1:50,000storage view index
209New Caledonia9340s 50 1956-1:50,000storage view index
210New Guinea8140s 500 1942-1:500,000storage view index
211New Guinea, East8160s 250 1958-1:250,000storage view index
212New Guinea, West8150s 100 1955-621:100,000storage view index
213New Providence Island4982s N4 2 1961-1:2,500storage view index
214New Zealand9080s 63 1942-1:63,360storage view index
215New Zealand9080s 250 1958-1:250,000storage view index
216New Zealand9080s 250 197-1:250,000storage view index
217Nicaragua4850s 50 1957-1:50,000storage view index
218Nicaragua4850s 250 [1962-]1:250,000storage view index
219Nicaragua4850s 250 2002-1:250,000storage view index
220Nigeria8840s 50 1954-1:50,000storage view index
221Nigeria8840s 250 1957-1:250,000storage view index
222Nordeste do Brasil5500s 25 1974-1:25,000storage view index
223Northern Ireland5790s 20 1975-1:20,000storage view index
224Northern Ireland5790s 63 1935-1:63,360storage view index
225Northern Ireland5790s 63 1953-1:63,360storage view index
226Norway6940s 100 1872-1:100,000storage view index
227Norway6940s 250 1957-1:250,000storage view index
228Norway6940s 100 1872-1:400,000storage view index
229Oceans9095s 10000 1903-1:10,000,000storage view index
230Oman7560s 100 1978-1:100,000storage view index
231Pakistan7720s 250 1954-1:250,000storage view index
232Palestine7500s 100 194-1:100,000storage view index
233Panama4870s 25 [1963-]1:25,000storage view index
234Panama4870s 50 [1970-]1:50,000storage view index
235Paraguay5380s 50 1970-1:50,000storage view index
236Peru5310s 100 1960-1:100,000storage view index
237Philippines8060s 250 1954-1:250,000storage view index
238Poland6520s 50 1956-1:50,000storage view index
239Poland6520s 100 [192-]1:100,000microfiche cabinet 5th fl. view index
240Poland6520 500 1956-1:500,0005th floor view index
241Poland6520s 100 1922-1:100,000storage view index
242Portugal6690s 50 1902-1:50,000storage view index
243Portugal6690s 100 1936-1:100,000storage view index
244Prague6510s 200 19841:200,000storage view index
245Queen Maud Land9802s D7 250 1952-1:250,000storage view index
246Rhodesia8550s 50 195-1:50,000storage view index
247Rhodesia8550s 250 195-1:250,000storage view index
248Ross Dependency9802s R6 250 `9611:250,000storage view index
249Rumania6880s 100 1939-1:100,000storage view index
250Rumania6880s 250 1943-1:250,000storage view index
251Russia7010s 100 1890-1:100,000storage view index
252Russia7010s 200 [195-]1:200,000storage view index
253Russia, West7010s 84 1915-1:84,000storage view index
254Sao Paulo, Brazil5605s 100 1907-1:100,000storage view index
255Sao Paulo, Brazil5605s 250 1954-1:250,000storage view index
256Schleswig-Holstein6310s 100 1955-1:100,000storage view index
257Scotland5770s 63 1887-18901:63,360microfiche cabinet 5th fl. view index
258Scotland5770s 63 1901-19101:63,360storage view index
259Scotland5770s 63 1921-1930 [sample sheet]1:63,360storage view index
260Scotland5770s 63 1947-521:63,360storage view index
261Scotland5770s 126 [1903-1923]1:126,720storage view index
262Scotland5770s 253 [1935-37]1:253,440storage view index
263Seychelles Islands9200s 10 1963-1:10,000storage view index
264Sierra Leone8860s 10 1948-1:10,000storage view index
265Sierra Leone8860s 50 19651:50,000storage view index
266Soloman Islands9280s 50 1955-1:50,000storage view index
267South Africa8500s 50 1941-1:50,000storage view index
268South Africa8500s 250 1942-1:250,000storage view index
269South Africa8500s 500 1951-1:500,000storage view index
270South Arabia7550s 100 1958-1:100,000storage view index
271Spain6560s 50 1882-1:50,000storage view index
272Spain6560s 100 1920-241:100,000storage view index
273Spain6560s 100 1949-1:100,000storage view index
274Spain6560s 200 1967-1:200,000storage view index
275St. Vincent & Grenadine5120s 10 19811:10,000storage view index
276Sudan8310s 250 1967-[sample]1:250,000storage view index
277Sumatra8080s 100 1945-1:100,000storage view index
278Sumatra, East8080s 100 1945b1:100,000storage view index
279Svalbard9790s 100 1948-1:100,000storage view index
280Swaziland8590s 50 1954-1:50,000storage view index
281Sweden6950s 50 1955-1:50,000storage view index
282Sweden6950s 100 1860-1:100,000storage view index
283Sweden6950s 250 1961-1:250,000storage view index
284Sweden, North6952s N6 200 18901:200,000storage view index
285Switzerland6040s 50 1904-R1:50,000storage view index
286Switzerland6040s 50 1938-1:50,000storage view index
287Switzerland6040s 100 1833-1:100,000storage view index
288Switzerland6040s 50 18- R1:50,000storage view index
289Tanzania8430s 50 1947-1:50,000storage view index
290Thailand8025s 250 1982-1:250,000storage view index
291Tobago5160s 10 1962-1:10,000storage view index
292Tobago5160s 25 19621:25,000storage view index
293Tonga Islands9570s 25 1945-1:25,000storage view index
294Trinidad5150s 10 1966-1:10,000storage view index
295Trinidad5150s 25 1963-1:25,000storage view index
296Trinidad5150s 25 1969-1:25,000storage view index
297Trinidad5150s 62 1940-1:62,500storage view index
298Tunisia8250s 50 1938-1:50,000storage view index
299Turkey7430s 200 [194-]1:200,000storage view index
300Turkey7430s 400 1902-1:400,000storage view index
301Turks & Caicos Is.4982s T8 25 1968-1:25,000storage view index
302Tutuila Is.9562s T8 24 19631:24,000storage view index
303Uganda8420s 50 1952-1:50,000storage view index
304Uganda8420s 250 1958-1:250,000storage view index
305United States3700s 24-62 1892-24,000 to 62,000storage view index
306United States3700s 100 1975-1:100,0005th floor view index
307United States3700s 250 1951-1:250,0005th floor view index
308Uruguay5370s 50 1926-1:50,000storage view index
309Venezuela5280s 100 1962-1:100,000storage view index
310Venezuela5280s 250 1948-1:250,000storage view index
311Venezuela5280s 250 1970-1:250,000storage view index
312West Germany6295s 50 1953-1:50,000storage view index
313West Germany6295s 200 1963-1:200,000storage view index
314World3200s 500 195-?1:500,0005th floor view index
315World3200s 500 198-1:500,0005th floor view index
316World3200s 1000 1913-1:1,000,0005th floor view index
317World3200s 1000 198-1:1,000,0005th floor view index
318Yugoslavia6840s 250 1943-1:250,000storage view index
319Zambia8570s 50 1949-1:50,000storage view index
320Zambia8570s 250 1957-1:250,000storage view index
321countrycallnumscalelocation view index

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