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Map Library Call Numbers

Alphabetically - By Area by Call Number

Area Maps Atlases
Africa G8200-8202 G2445-2447
Alberta G3560- G1165-
Antarctica G9800-9804 G3100-G3102
Arabian Peninsula G7520-7604 G2245-G2249.94
Arctic Ocean G9780-9794 G3050-G3064
Asia G7400-7402 G2202-G2202
Atlantic Ocean G9100-9174 G2805-G2839
Atlantic Provinces G3420-3419 ---
Australasia G8950-8952 G2740-G2742
Australia G8960-8964 G2750-G2793
Austria G6490-6494 G1935-G1939
Baltic States G7020-7054 G2120-G2139
British Columbia G3570- G1170-
Canada G3400-3402 G1115-G1117
Canada Eastern G3410-3419 G1120-
Canada Northern G3580- ---
Canada Southern G3405-3406 ---
Canada Western G3530-3532 ---
Canadian Topographic G3400s ---
Central Africa G8630-8734 G2590-G2639
Central America G4800-4874 G1550-G1594
Central States G4040-4204 G1385-G1459
China G7820-7824 G2305-G2326
Eastern Hemisphere G5670-5672 G1780-G1787
Egypt G8300 G2491
Europe G5700-5702 G1791-G1799
France G5830-5834 G1837-G1844.24
Germany G6080-6429 G1907-G1924
Great Britain G5740-5814 G1807-G1829.24
Greece G6810-6814 G2005-G2009
Greenland G3380- ---
India G7650-7654 G2280-G2284
Indian Ocean G9180-9219 G2850-G2857
Indonesia G8070-8074 G2400-G2439
Italy G6710-6794 G1983-1989.53
Japan G7960-7964 G2355-G2259
Korea G7900-7909 G2330-G2334.34
Latin America G3292- ---
Manitoba G3540- G1156-
Maritime Provinces G3420-3429 ---
Mexico G4410-4763 G1545-G1549
Middle Atlantic States G3790-3852 G1245-G1279
Minnesota G4140-4144 G1425-G1429
New Brunswick G3440- G1130-
New Zealand G9080-9084 G2795-G2799
Newfoundland G3460- G1187-
North Africa G8220-8314 G2455-G2499
North America G3300-3302 G1105-G1107
Northeast Africa G8320-8364 G2500-G2524
Northeastern States G3710-3784 G1205-G1243
Northern and Southern Hemispheres G3271- ---
Northern Ontario G3510-3514 ---
Northwest Territories G3600- ---
Norway G6940-6944 G2065-G2069
Nova Scotia G3430- G1126-
Nunavut G3535-3539 G1184.3-.34
Oceans G9095-9096 G2800-G2802
Ontario G3500-3530 G1145-
Ontario Districts G3510- ---
Ontario Regions G3522- ---
Ontario Towns G3520- ---
Pacific & Mountain States G4210-4384 G1460-G1534.24
Pacific Ocean G9230-9762 G2860-G3012
Prairie Provinces G3535-3537 ---
Prince Edward Island G3450- ---
Quebec/Québec G3470-3500 G1140-
Russia G7060-7064 G2140-G2144
Saskatchewan G3550- G1160-
Singapore G8040-8044 G2384.3-G2384.34
South America G5200-5668 G1700-G1779
Southeast Africa G8400-8464 G2529.3-G2559
Southern Africa G8480-8624 G2560-G2584
Southern Ontario G3405-3406 ---
Southern States G3860-4033 G1280-G1377
Spain G6560-6564 G1965-G1969
Sweden G6950-6954 G2075-G2079
Thailand G8025-8029 G2375-G2379
Toronto G3524 T6- G1149-
Turkey G7430-7434 G2210-G2214
United States G3700-3702 G1200-G1202
Vietnam G8020-8024 G2370-G2374
West Africa G8734-8904 G2640-G2739
West Indies G4900-5184 G1600-G1694
Western Hemisphere G3290-3292 G1100-G1102
World G3200-3210 G1001-G1046
Yukon G3590- G1179-

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