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Emporis Research Building Heights (?)

Date: ?
Creator: Emporis
Access: Web
Building heights and photos for over 8000 cities worldwide. Also includes building dates.
Metadata and Access Information


Toronto Building Outlines (with heights), clutter data, dem, contours, places, and roads (2009-2010)

Date: 2009-2010
Creator: RMSI
Datum: WGS84
Projection: UTM Zone 17
Access: web
- 3D Building Outlines in the City of Toronto core - 3d building outlines - three dimensional building outlines - three-d building outlines - three d building outlines - Clutter Data includes: 1 Inland Water 2 Open 3 Low tree density 4 High Tree density 5 Buildings < 5 6 Buildings < 10 7 Buildings < 15 8 Buildings < 20 9 Buildings < 30 10 Buildings < 40 11 Buildings < 50 12 Buildings > 50 13 Industrial area 14 Airstrip 15 River 16 Coast 17 Agriculture 18 Stadium / Play Ground also available on the Map and Data Library intranet at U:\Geodata\Canada\ON\Toronto\TorontoCity\buildings_3d
Metadata and Access Information

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