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In Search of Your Canadian Past: The County Atlas Digital Project ()

Creator: McGill University
Access: web
From the Project Overview: "Professional genealogists have recognized the importance of these atlases for many years. Although some of these atlases were reprinted during the 1970s, the fact is that many of these reprints are becoming as rare as the originals. McGill's Rare Books and Special Collections Division is fortunate in owning copies of many of the original atlases. Begun in July 1998, the County Atlas pilot project initially encompassed ten atlases. Two subsequent Phases allowed the completion of the Ontario map, ultimately totalling forty-three atlases. The County Atlas Digital Project is a searchable database of the property owners' names which appear on the township maps in the county atlases. Township maps, portraits and properties have been scanned, with links from the property owners' names in the database."
Metadata and Access Information


Map of Manitoba Canada (1917)

Date: 1917
Creator: published by authority of Department of Agriculture and Immigration Province of Manitoba.
Scale: 1:792,000
Access: web
Primary map shows Southern Manitoba. Two smaller maps show province of Manitoba, and Manitoba on the North American continent. Map lists number of banks and branches; bank clearings year 1916; miles of railway in operation, 691 elevator capacity; total land area; area under cultivation; total arable land. Shows Manitoba map townships; municipal boundaries; railways.
Metadata and Access Information


Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) Fundamental Dataset (2002-)

Date: 2002-
Creator: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Datum: NAD 83
Projection: Geographic
Access: web and OGDE Fundamental Dataset (FTP and Intranet)
Layers include:
building scale
building symbol
conservation area
conservation authortiy area
conservation reservere
contour, ogde contours
crown game preserve
crown leased land
drainage line
drainage point
geographic township
land ownership
mine site
miscellaneous line
miscellaneous point
mnr district
mnr region
Municipal Boundaries 2005
municipal lower tier
municipal park
municipal upper tier
national park
national wildlife area
ngo nature reserve
obm dtm coverage
obm dtm shape
obm index
pit or quarry
provincial park regulated
provincial park zone regulated
railway segment
road segment
spot heights
trail segment
transport line
transport point
utility lines
utility sites
waterbody segment
water edge
water structure
wetland unit
If a layer you wish to use is not set up for download, please contact the email above for access.
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Township and Unorganized Area Fabric for Ontario Data Set 12, 1993 ()

Creator: Ontario Geological Survey
Access: CD-ROM [254]
Geographic Township is a polygon feature that indicates the fundamental land subdivision fabric of the Province. Each Geographic Township area may or may not be the same as the jurisdictional area of the township. The location of township lines on the Ontario Base Maps (OBM) were determined by using a combination of both survey information, i.e., retracements, original township plans, surveys notes, etc.; and OBM physical features such as roads, trails, fence lines, and water bodies. In some areas where there were almost no OBM physical features available, aerial photographs may have been used to help determine boundaries. Unorganized areas are derived from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Base Map Areas. Data are available in ArcView® 3.x format.
Metadata and Access Information

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