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ArcGIS and the Digital City: A Hands on Approach for Local Government with CDROM 2004 ()

Creator: Huxhold, William & E. Fowler, B. Parr
Access: CD ROM [241] to accompany book
When local governments decide to go digital and use a geographic information system (GIS) to store and access information, many tasks need to be done. ArcGIS and the Digital City: A Hands-on Approach for Local Government provides step-by-step exercises using real data with ArcGIS that take you through the process of building and using GIS data in a local government. Containing the authentic nuts and bolts of daily GIS activities, this is a textbook for GIS classes in urban planning plus a workbook for local governments. After doing the exercises in ArcGIS and the Digital City: A Hands-on Approach for Local Government, you will understand the power and the problems associated with working with real data in a GIS, and you will be able to use ArcGIS Desktop to address issues crucial to cities and counties. Please Note: The exercises in this book require that you have a licensed copy of ArcInfo 9.
Metadata and Access Information


City of Ottawa eMap (200-)

Date: 200-
Creator: City of Ottawa
Access: web
Online mapping data for the city of Ottawa
Metadata and Access Information


Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) Fundamental Dataset (2002-)

Date: 2002-
Creator: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Datum: NAD 83
Projection: Geographic
Access: web and OGDE Fundamental Dataset (FTP and Intranet)
Layers include:
building scale
building symbol
conservation area
conservation authortiy area
conservation reservere
contour, ogde contours
crown game preserve
crown leased land
drainage line
drainage point
geographic township
land ownership
mine site
miscellaneous line
miscellaneous point
mnr district
mnr region
Municipal Boundaries 2005
municipal lower tier
municipal park
municipal upper tier
national park
national wildlife area
ngo nature reserve
obm dtm coverage
obm dtm shape
obm index
pit or quarry
provincial park regulated
provincial park zone regulated
railway segment
road segment
spot heights
trail segment
transport line
transport point
utility lines
utility sites
waterbody segment
water edge
water structure
wetland unit
If a layer you wish to use is not set up for download, please contact the email above for access.
Metadata and Access Information

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