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City of Toronto Open Data Catalogue (2009)

Date: 2009
Creator: City of Toronto
Toronto Centreline
Food banks
Apartment Standards
Child Care Centres
Festivals and Events
Geocoder WSDL Web Services
For reprojection, here are some important notes: For the most accurate datum transformation, use the NTv2 grid shift files distributed by NRCan (they are included with some commercial software packages such as FME and the Data Interoperabilty Extension in ArcToolboxes. As well, you cannot perform a transformation directly from NAD27 to WGS84, you need to go to NAD83 first. --> from S.W. City of Toronto's Geospatial Competency Centre. Land use can be found in the Municipal Address Points layer.
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MassGIS (200x - 199x)

Date: 200x - 199x
Creator: Government of Massachusetts
Projection: UTM
Scale: 1:5,000; 1:10,000; 1:250,000
Access: web

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Toronto Centreline (2004)

Date: 2004
Creator: Land Information Toronto
Datum: NAD 27
Projection: Modified Transverse Mercator
Access: Intranet and CD-ROM
TCL Asset includes: 1. Geographic linear representation of transportation corridors, administrative boundaries and shorelines. 2. Geographic point representations of properties and municipal addresses. 3. Various administration areas of city interest. 4. Information linked to transportation corridors, addresses and administration areas. TCL stores linear features representing transportation corridors and boundaries, address points representing properties, doorways, sites, intersection features and area features. All features are attributed with feature codes, with the date they were entered into the asset and the date they were removed from the current asset to the archival asset, with identification numbers unique over time and in the city and with name, lineage and accuracy information. In addition to retaining historical archives, threaded archives are also retained that record splits and merges of address points, of linear features and of area features. All features are linked and integrated. Supports all city operational and planning programs. Examples include Emergency (911) dispatch, city permits, welfare case management, boundary administration area re-alignments, waste collection, traffic control and electoral functions.
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Vancouver Open Data Catalogue (various)

Date: various
Creator: City of Vancouver
Datum: NAD 83
Projection: UTM Zone 10
Scale: various
Access: web
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Waste Disposal Site Inventory (1991)

Date: 1991
Creator: Ministry of the Environment and UTLibraries GIS Services
Datum: NAD 83
Projection: UTM Zones 15, 16, 17, 18
Access: Internet and Intranet
This data was created using the 1991 publication called "Waste Disposal Site Inventory" G 3501 N46 900 - 1600 1990 Map and Accompanied TEXT (DATAMAPGOV). Two main categories : Active and Inactive. Data is also divided into UTM zones. OCR and Database creation, Magda Biesiada, UTL GIS Services, July/August 2005
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