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Geological Map of Canada

Restricted Data Conditions of Use
Method of AccessCD-Rom 001
DateJan. 1997
Data CreatorDouglas, Robert John Wilson, Geological Survey of Canada
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
DescriptionThis CD-ROM has been created as a companion to the 1996 printed Geological Map of Canada (Map 1860A). The CD-ROM is not just a digital version of Map 1860A: it contains a complete bilingual GIS spatial database from which a variety of thematic geological maps can be created. Map 1860A is just one of those themes. Included on the CD-ROM are all of the Arc/Info files used in the production of the printed map, including a bilingual database. In addition, the data is provided in several common interchange formats (*.E00, *.SHP). This CD-ROM also includes a limited edition of SurView, a viewing application for Microsoft Windows, developed at the Geological Survey of Canada and originally released as GSC Open File 2661. Surview can display, print, and query the *.SHP files. This provides an opportunity for those without specialized GIS software to delve into the realm of digital geoscience data and explore the new Geological Map of Canada on their own PC
Type of Data BOTH
Copyright OwnerNatural Resources Canada
Permission Required to Use? None
Acknowledgement Required to Use? Citation
Price for Use? None
Entry Date 04-SEP-02
Subjects / GEOLOGY
Geography Covered / CANADA (ENTITY)
Formats / E00 / SHAPEFILE

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