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Burlington GIS Dataset and Air Photos 2005 (2005)

Date: 2005
Creator: City of Burlington
Projection: UTM ZONE 17
Scale: 10cm (air photos)
Access: Local Intranet and DVDs[284] & [285] and CD [293]
Polylines and Elevation points. Polylines are all in one layer and encompass building outlines, streets, curbs, etc. arenas, tennis courts, vacant lands, ward
Metadata and Access Information


Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe Colour Digital Orthophotos (09/1995)

Date: 09/1995
Creator: Triathlon Inc.
Datum: NAD 27 (others upon request)
Projection: UTM (others upon request)
Scale: 1:20000 or 1 m = 1 pixel
Access: Web Access or CD-ROM
Colour images of the GTA and Golden Horseshoe.
Metadata and Access Information


National Topographic System (NTS) Historic Digital Reproductions (various years)

Date: various years
Scale: 1:63360; 1:50000; 1:250000; 1:125000
Access: CD
1:50,000 30M/5 [sheet 33} Hamilton Burlington 1909, 1915, 1919, 1921, 1931 CD-ROM #79; 30M/11 [sheet 34] Toronto 1909, 1915, 1918, 1921, 1931 CD-ROM #80; 30M/12 [sheet35] Brampton 1909, 1915, 1922 CD-ROM #79; 1918, 1931 CD-ROM 80; 1:125,000 31D/NE Bobcaygen 1953, CD-ROM #209 31D/NW Orillia 1940, CD-ROM #210 31D/NW Orillia 1947, CD-ROM #211 31E/NE Algonquin 1934, CD-ROM #212 31E/NW Sundridge 1932, CD-ROM #213 31E/NW Sundridge 1937, CD-ROM #214 31E/NW Sundridge 1953, CD-ROM #215 31E/SE Haliburton 1951, CD-ROM #216 31E/SW Muskoka 1929, CD-ROM #217 31E/SW Muskoka 1933, CD-ROM #218 31E/SW Muskoka 1937, CD-ROM #219 31E/SW Muskoka 1945, CD-ROM #220 (disk corrupt) 31E/SW Muskoka 1956, CD-ROM #221 (disk corrupt) nts; national topographic system; national topographic database; ntdb
Metadata and Access Information

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